by Jane Hill

Please could you help me with what fabric count is suitable for making table linen?

I would like to use a very fine closely woven linen. I have found a 55 count linen but is this suitable because I'm sure I've read somewhere it should be an even number for hardanger and cut thread work! Also, what thread would be suitable?

I would just like to say I've taught myself with a lot of help from this brilliant website!! So thank you so much!

Kindest regards
Jane Hill

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Fine hardanger fabric
by: Carol

Hi Jane,

Thank you for asking about the fabric for hardanger tablecloths.

An even weave fabric has the same number of threads vertically and horizontally, so a 55 count fabric could well be classed in this category. However, it would be very difficult to work hardanger on a fabric so fine.

The finest I would go, would be a 36 count. Anything smaller and you would need a hugely powerful magnifying glass in order to see where to put your needle.

When using 36 count linen I would keep to a size 12 perle cotton throughout the design. Anything chunkier, such as an 8 or 5, would give much too heavy an appearance for my liking.

I would work with a size 26 tapestry needle, which should have a big enough eye to thread the perle 12 through, although you might need to use an aid, such as a needle threader or a slip of folded paper to do so.

Thank you for your lovely comments about my site. I am so glad you have found it useful. I like to think I am doing my bit to keep the traditional needlework skills alive. :0)

Kind regards,


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