Do I need a needlepoint border

by Deborah Cacho
(Nanjing China)

I am an expat living in Nanjing China. I brought several pieces to finish. The piece I am working on is surrounded by a border.

The last piece I finished, I added a three row ring around the entire piece for the finisher. Then, I moved from Richmond to Princeton. In Princeton I was told not to do this. Now I don't know what to do.

The piece is as follows:


followed by the bulk of the pillow, which is abstract.

The above pattern is on all four sides of the pattern.

Am I supposed to put a border around the piece or stop where the pattern painting ends?

Thank you!

Deborah Cacho

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Apr 09, 2013
Needlework in Nanjing
by: Natalie Jaquish

Dear Deborah,
I am an American who recently moved to Nanjing and I have been looking for a store that sells needlework and yarn supplies. As a fellow ex-pat, do you have any favorite stores or suggestions? Thank you so much for your help. You can email me back at

Dec 24, 2010
Do I need a needlepoint border
by: Valerie Kalyani

A border is usually optional. If you would like to see the border on your finish, go ahead. If the piece would look better just finished to the edge of the design, leave it off.

Needlepoint does not require to have stitching on the the inside edge of the seam; the canvas is strong enough to not need the stability of extra stitches inside. Having stitching inside of the seam margin also adds unnecessary bulk which may spoil the finished look of the piece.

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