Cloth for hardanger embroidery.

by Cyndi Day
(Marshfield, Massachusetts, United States)

I am truly intrigued by this craft and want to learn. Can I use Aida Cross Stitch fabric to learn or does it have to be Hardanger fabric?

Hi Cyndi,

Aida is a block-woven material and, as such, would not work here. It is not designed for techniques that involve cutting the fabric threads.

If you cannot find Oslo, or Hardanger fabric, then you can use any evenweave or linen fabric sold for cross stitching on.

I prefer a 28-count evenweave such as Jobelan, but if you have good eyesight, you might enjoy working on a 32-count linen.

If you opt for a finer fabric, you may also need to swap out the Perle threads for thinner ones to match.

I'm crafting a Hardanger ebook for beginners, which will be on sale on this site once it is complete.

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