chart interface with aida fabric

by Ellen

As a beginner in Blackwork I am confused by the chart showing squares of 10 x 10 small squares within a 'frame' while the Aida fabric shows 14 x 14 small square in the same 'frame' size.
How do you correlate the number of stitches from chart to fabric?

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chart interface with aida fabric
by: Ellen

Thank you so much for the information you posted: as a beginner to Blackwork it was exactly what I needed to know and will be very helpful!

chart interface with aida fabric
by: Anonymous

The chart of 10 x 10 squares is only a visual aide to counting your stitches. The human eye will see and comprehend the 10 x 10 grid easier than it would a 14 x 14 or 12 x 12 or any other odd number.

Your Aida fabric is made so that there are 14 "threads" for every inch of fabric...this is not a grid of any kind, it is simply the number of threads in every inch of fabric.

I don't think I have ever seen a chart printed out in anything other than a 10 x 10 grid....this is a visual thing, ignore it.

What you need to know is the number of threads per inch in your fabric and the number of stitches (across and down) in the design. The 10 x 10 grid just allows you to count that quickly and easily. The reason you need to know this is so that you can figure out the "design size" and cut your fabric accordingly. Do you need a piece of fabric 12 x 12 inches, or only 6 x 12 inches? This is important when purchasing fabric "by the inch" which you will do when you are not purchasing a pre-cut "Designer Brand" piece.

Here is the formula for calculating design size:

If your chart has 56 stitches across and 40 stitches down your stitched design on 14 count aida will measure 4" x 2.85".

You get that measurement by dividing the number of stitches by the number of fabric threads (56/14 across and 40/14 down comes out 4" across by 2.95" down).

You can stitch that same chart on aida fabric that has 18 threads for each inch of fabric and your design will be smaller, only 3.1" by 2.22". In this case divide the number of stitches across (56) and down (40) by 18 instead of 14.

Later on you will use fabrics with more (and sometimes less) threads per inch of fabric. But you will always divide the number of stitches by the number of threads to get the design size.

And even later on you will learn to stitch over two threads so will you'll use the same formula and divide that answer by 2, because you stitched over 2 this point it can become confusing, so just remember : number of stitches divided by number of fabric threads for now, and you will be fine.

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