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If I am reading your page correctly, Easy Cross Stitch Enterprise will calculate and advise me of which floss to include in the kits I want to create? I don't want to have to "beta test" my kits! I just want a program to tell me which and how much to include with my conversions.

Please let me know whether this kit is what I need to produce accurately calculated flossings for my own kits. That's my key question, and whether there are other kits that do this. Thanks.

Carol answers...
Yes, Easy Cross Enterprise will give a suggested amount of thread that would be used for a design you have created.

You can set the percentage of wastage that you wish to allow, which takes into account the thread used to start and finish off, each time your change color. It also allows for the occasional strand that goes missing while completing a project.

Each stitcher will use slightly different tension when working, which, over the course of a piece of work, can make a surprising difference. I often get a new design stitched by two different people and then compare what each has left with what the program tells me they "should" have used, before deciding how much to put into a kit.

You mentioned,however, not wanting to 'beta test' each design...I see this as an important part of producing a design, not just for thread quantity reasons.

Ensuring that it stitches up in just the way you envisioned it, is a useful exercise. I created a design once that looked great on screen but in reality there wasn't enough difference between the skin tones and this was only apparent when it was being stitched.

Stitching your design also gives you a stitched model to photograph for the cover of your kit and to display at shows and exhibitions.

I hope this has helped.



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