An alternative to 11 count Aida?

by Donna
(Bowie, MD)

I am cross stitching a wedding template for my son. The design is set for 14 ct aida which produces a 9.5 X 7.5 inch design. I would like the design to be bigger. An 11 ct aida will produce a 12 X 9.5 inch design which is a better size, but I don't like the look of 11 ct aida. I bought evenweave, but this will be too small when stitched over 2. Is there a fabric I can use that is prettier than 11 ct aida that will produce a design bigger than 9.5 x 7.5?

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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Increasing your pattern size. . .
by: Kerry

Donna - I live in Portland, Oregon. We are lucky enough to have a wonderful fabric store, FABRIC DEPOT.

I have found there, cross stitch fabrics with as low a stitch count as 4. I have made pillow projects with 8 count and even 7. These are pretty simple designs, generally one image, like a Frankenstein , or various snowmen, but they come out BIG ! !

The fabrics are on tall rolls and are measured at your request. I have found only white and cream, but they dye real easily.

They stitch real quickly (I'm an instant gratification-type-girl ). I usually use 6 strands of floss, saving some time, and you can even use some of the kreinek threads that are thicker but add some sparkle....It's way fun to work with.

You could probably call them. .,,(Fabric Depot), or I would be glad to help. Here is my address. I have not had my iPad long, and am in awe with all the things that can be found on it!

Maybe you can find fabric elsewhere now that you know what to look for -- good luck & HAPPY STITCHING. Kerry

Have you considered Hardanger fabric?
by: Carol

Donna, I wonder if you have considered 22 count Hardanger fabric? Stitched over two it would work out the same as 11count Aida, but would not have such a "blocky" background to it.

The fabric is sometimes sold under the name Oslo.

There are also a number of fabrics available that are 24 or 25 count. These, worked over two, would be slightly bigger than the Hardanger option, but not as large as if you worked the wedding piece of 14 count Aida.

Another option may be to stitch a border around the piece to make it a larger design. Having not seen the design I don't know whether this would look right for your particular project, but just offer it as a thought.


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