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Stitch'n Time: Stitch Choices, Covid and Cutting Threads
May 30, 2022

What stitch to use for ...

Some time ago I received an e-mail asking for my suggestions on ways to embroider leaves in a design. I created a page on my site giving my initial ideas. Every now and then I add to it as I experiment with new ways to stitch leaves.


I am sure there are other elements of a project that make you ponder the available stitches and which would work in that section. I would love to hear your suggestions for what subjects to feature on similar pages.

If there is something you have always wanted to stitch but weren't sure what stitch to use, just shout.

It Got Me!

Talking of shouting, that was something I was sadly unable to do during the last few weeks.

After isolating myself at home throughout the pandemic, I had to go and succumb to the nasty Covid eventually. It hit me for six, with a brief stay in the hospital, and my voice deserted the building (much to hubby's relief). Inevitably he also tested positive but was asymptomatic.

I was back to normal after 10 days, with just a tickly cough as a reminder but it took me a while to find "the on switch" for my brain again.

Hardanger Book Progress

Therefore, I didn't get as much done for the Hardanger book as I had hoped.

There was some done before the event above, so there are only two new sections for you to review should you wish to do so.

The second of these contains the instructions for cutting the threads after stitching your Kloster blocks. I will be creating an image showing the cutting lines, but as mentioned above, life got in the way this month.

You can find the links to the next sections on the page below...


Please feel free to pick up any grammar errors as well as point out anything you think I ought to have included but haven't.

I also published the first video for lesson one, which you can watch here. If you haven't subscribed to my YouTube channel before, perhaps now is the time to go ahead and do that, so you will be notified when I add new videos.

hardanger video lesson 1

I hope to get the needleweaving section added ready for the next newsletter.

Thank you for sticking with me.

All the best for the upcoming Jubilee celebrations for my English subscribers. Enjoy the long weekend.


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