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Embroidery galore
February 28, 2016

Thank goodness the month has an extra day this year. It means I can get the February newsletter to you in the right month! This past week has run away with me and my good intentions of getting this done before the end of last week did not succeed. But I may just scrape through by the skin of my teeth, as we say here in the UK.

So what have I been doing in the past month. Lots! I added three new pages, rewrote another completely and edited the Headlines on many others to make them more interesting.

New Pages

The first new page is all about padded satin stitch. It highlights a project I stitched for my mother’s birthday, which was the day after Valentines Day. I know a lot of people like the hand embroidery for beginners page which is all about lettering and monograms in embroidery, so this new page leads on from that. Oh, and my Mother loved her stitched card. :)

Next is a new tutorial for you. It is a little fishy project that introduces a number of chain stitch variations. Each stitch is explained and diagramed so that you can stitch the fishy yourself.

The last new addition to the site is a page on fishbone stitch, which also covers raised fishbone. A very useful stitch for filling in solid leaves in your embroidery designs, although it does have other uses too.

Edited Pages

I edited a number of pages, but the Thread Painting page in particular got a complete rewrite and all new photos. You may know this technique as needlepointing or silk shading. It takes a little practice but I share some secrets for getting even smooth shading on the page. Why not try it out yourself?

I will be editing other pages over the next few weeks, making them easier to read, and adding new photos where I can. Some of the pages were written when I first started the site in 2006 (I can’t believe it has been online for almost 10 years now!) and my writing skills have improved since then. I don’t quite cringe when I read them through, but they definitely need tightening up!


I was making up my mother’s card when Zoe, our post lady, knocked on the door. She oohed and aahed over the embroidery I was holding and mentioned that she had some of her mother’s projects in a box. She offered to lend them to me to photograph, and turned up on the Monday morning with two carrier bags. One was full of embroidered pieces and the other was full of books. She said I could borrow them to look through. Wow! Some of the book duplicated ones I already owned, but the others were interesting to look through. There were also some magazines priced in pounds, shilling and pence, which must have been pre 1970s. They made interesting reading. I have a little parcel of threads ready to pass on to her as a thank you after the weekend.

My second surprise was my husband coming home from his lunchtime pint yesterday with a bag of more embroidery! A friend had asked him to show them to me to see if they could be repaired. Sadly most were moth eaten and had holes and missing thread, and were past rescuing.

Current Projects

I am currently embroidering a crazy quilt under the sea block, and will share the seam treatments on relevant pages of the site in the near future.

I have also been organising my thread collection. I had different threads in different places and wanted it all together so I could see what I had. Wow! It ended up filling three large boxes! I know there are some more somewhere, but just can’t find them, which is most frustrating. Maybe they will turn up when I am not looking for them.

I won’t take any more of your time. See you next month.


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