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Spring Needlework News
May 23, 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to my Spring Newsletter.

Let me get the boring bit out of the way up front. You are probably bored with receiving GPDR e-mails so I will keep this brief.

I have never automatically added anyone to the subscriber list for my ezine. It has always been an opt-in service so that I knew you wanted to receive my e-mails. As such, if you would like to continue receiving my irregular notes then you don’t need to do anything. :)

If you would prefer not to hear from me then please use the unsubscribe button at the end of this e-mail.

Of course I promise that I have, and never will, pass your details on to anyone else.

New to the site

The website had another new page added. If you have wondered how to work Coral Knot Stitch it will show you how its done with close up photos. You can find it here… coral knot stitch

A quick question for you. Have you ever used a metal spring hoop when doing your needlework? If so have you experienced any hoop marks? If so, perhaps you could spare a moment to reply to Debra’s post here…

spring embroidery hoop marks question

Upcoming news

I am currently working with the Embroiders Guild regarding designing a piece for the Christmas issue of their Stitch magazine. Yes, when you design for magazines you have to work well ahead of the actual calendar! I learned this when I worked with Needlecraft, Cross Stitcher, Classic Stitches and others a few years back. I will let you know if they like what I have presented. You may have seen my stumpwork photos in a recent issue of Stitch?

There is more exciting news in the pipeline. I have been approached to possibly teach some needlework workshops in a shop in Northamptonshire, UK. Details still need to be talked through, but I will keep you posted on this. Its been some time since I taught workshops and am excited at the prospect of taking up where I left off.

With the nicer weather (well apart from today - I am shivering here in my home office) I have been out and about with my camera capturing shots of the wildlife around. I am hoping to get the “perfect” shot of a dragonfly or damselfly to turn into an embroidered design. If I am successful I will bring more news on this in the future.

I am not sure if I mentioned my wildlife photography exploits to you in the past? It is something I have been doing in my spare time (!!!) for the last couple of years and I have created a new website sharing my photos and the country walks I have been on in the East (mostly) of England. If you would like to visit the site you will find it here…

I also have a Flickr page where I share my photos, which you can find here…

my Flickr site

If anything really catches your eye and you think it would make a good embroidery please feel free to drop me an e-mail with your suggestions. I can’t promise, but you never know.

Anyway I promised to keep this e-mail short, so I had better let you get on with your day. Thank you for your loyal readership and I look forward to talking with you again soon.

Bye for now.


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