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Stitch'n'time: The purpose of a sampler - Hardanger book stage 3
May 06, 2022

New look site

First, my apologies for April's newsletter being a week late! On the plus side, you will get two this month. :)

When you visit the site, you will notice a small difference at the top of the pages.

I had a new logo designed for me, which I believe looks much nicer than just the boring plain text I had before. There is also a nifty divider image instead of a plain line.


In today's world, we often concentrate on finished projects, sometimes to the detriment of learning new skills.

Needleworkers and artists could certainly be included in this generalization. For some, it seems a waste of time to practice on something that is not valuable to us or that we have no plans to use later.

However, there is a value in practicing new techniques - it stretches our skills and makes us more creative. It also helps us learn more about our equipment and materials.

Traditionally, children were taught to sew early and produced samplers to demonstrate how much they had learned.

These samplers were stitched on linen or canvas and often included symbols, reminders of Bible verses, alphabets, and numbers.

One of my joys when visiting a stately home is discovering these pieces hanging on the walls. Often they are signed and dated by the stitcher.

I have a couple of pages on the site that showcase embroidery on display... wallington-northumberland.html and arlington-court.html

Samplers also provided a way to showcase personal or family events: births, marriages, and deaths were often included.

The original intention was to practice basic embroidery stitches basic-embroidery-stitches.html and the work was referenced when deciding on stitches to use in other projects. They certainly weren't expected to end up as framed treasures!

Over the years, when learning new embroidery techniques, I have made my practice pieces into handmade-greetings-cards.html and sent them to family members.

I expected them to perhaps save the best ones but was surprised to discover an Aunt had mounted and framed those that she had received.

It seems that even if we don't feel a practice piece has value beyond the time taken to create it, others do!

The next stage of the new book is ready

The writing of a book doesn't necessarily happen in the order that the pages will end up when it is published. This is certainly the case this time around.

I worked out a full outline for the Hardanger for Beginners book and went back to write some sections that I think should come before lesson 1.

Therefore, there are four more sections for you to read and comment on should you wish to do so.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me with this venture. Your comments are welcome, and many have already been incorporated into the pages I have completed so far.

You will find the new links to the pages here... hdb-1.html Please feel free to pick up any grammar errors as well as point out anything you think I ought to have included but haven't.

If all goes to plan I should be back in your inbox at the end of the month.

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