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How many stitching UFOs do you have?
February 26, 2022

Leaving things undone...

Recent events in my personal life have encouraged me to sit back and reflect on where I am and what I have achieved over the years. We all have things we started but never finished, for one reason or another. Maybe we should all take a moment to consider their importance?

As stitchers, of course, we have a name for such projects - UFOs or Unfinished Objects. I am sure, like me, you have a collection of these. Things you have pushed to the back of the cupboard, forgotten or ignored because you went wrong or found them too ambitious at the time. When did you last drag them out and take stock?

Let's look at my own UFO situation

Is there any chance that I will ever complete that stamped cross-stitch tablecloth that I took on vacation with me just after meeting the man who was to be my husband? Most likely not, as I was young and inexperienced meaning the stitches are wonky and don't cover the transferred lines. I also ran out of the main thread colour and had no idea what brand was included in the kit.

Yes, it's 3/4 complete but when did I last do any of it - too many years ago to remember, it turns out. It needs to go.

Or how about the printed needlepoint canvas that I bought on holiday, back when Dubrovnik was part of Yugoslavia? I started stitching it with 6 strands of floss in my needle instead of wool and never got around to undoing it and starting over. It featured an unknown landscape so I have no emotional attachment to it.

As I went through the bags and boxes my thoughts turned to my daughter.

Eventually, she will end up with the job of clearing out my belongings. How will she know which of these projects were dear to my heart? Which would she feel "obliged" to finish for me? Or would she even bother going through the pile? Maybe she would just dispose of the whole lot thinking no-one would be interested? Perhaps I should leave a note in each bag, giving a little of the projects history, just in case?

Completed work

I was also surprised to find finished projects among my stash. For some reason, they had never been framed or made up. What a waste of all that effort. They are now put to one side so I can think through what to do with them. Can I make use of them? Complete and then gift them to someone? Who would appreciate them?

Perhaps I could do what my friend's mum did. She held a party where family and friends chose their favourite piece of her work to love and cherish. There was no obligation for anyone to take anything home with them. She gifted any that were left over to a local charity.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the UFO topic, so feel free to drop me an e-mail.

New beginnings

In last month's newsletter, I mentioned that I am writing a new book for Hardanger beginners. Many of you jumped at the chance to join me as I go through this writing journey, by reading sections as I complete them, offering your thoughts, comments, suggestions etc as the book takes shape.

I gave some thought to how this could be accomplished and I hope my solution works as well as I think it will.

I have uploaded the first 4 sections to a place where you can comment on them easily. The page on my site, linked below, will outline how to do this if you are interested in taking part. It shouldn't take much of your time, and there could be a bonus in it for you at the end. Thank you in advance, for any input you care to give. hdb-1.html

Your questions

Julia recently asked a question about EK Success kits. If you have stitched one of these maybe you could help her out? Her question is here... EK success question

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