candle wax on a needlepoint stocking

by Dee

Please help!! This morning I discovered a candle had dripped down off the top of the mantle onto one of my children's needlepoint Christmas stockings that I made when they were young; I scraped off what I could but am afraid to pull hard on the fibers, is there anything that I can put on the wax or some technique, like ironing over it on wax paper or something to try and lift the remaining wax off?? I am crushed!! thank you for any advice!!

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Two methods you could try
by: Valerie

I have done two different ways of wax removal.

If you place the item in the freezer, the wax will get hard and you may be able to crumble it off.

I have also ironed the wrong side of a linen tablecloth laid on a lot of paper towels to absorb the melting wax. You must be very careful and move to clean towel as it begins to come off. But if your wax is a strong color it could leave a stain anyway. 

Good Luck

Candle Wax
by: Jaci

Hi! I had the exact same thing happen to me. My stocking was store bought, but is a wool material and was my favorite stocking! It even has a beautiful white snowflake on top of the green socking. I was so upset when the wax dripped stright down the center! This is what I did:
I picked off as much as I could without ruining the stocking but the part on the snowflake was really difficult. I did some online research and asked a few people and everyone said to do the iron and paper bag trick.
Get a plain paper bag (i took a stop and shop grocery one) and ripped it up because of its size. Set your iron to a steam setting. place the paper bag over the stocking and hold the iron directly above the stocking. In seconds it was working! You will see the wax soaking into the paper bag. I even pressed down a bit and continuously moved the iron around. It takes a little bit of time to get it to come out REALLY nicely, however, it definately works. I am going to try once again to see if the red "stain" will get out of the white snowflake, but I think if I just keep using the steam it will.
I hope that this helps you! It definately did for me! Good Luck :0)

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